1 Hour Healing Session


1 Hour Video or Audio Healing Session 


In this call, you and Dr. Hagan will discuss your current health concerns and goals as well as health history. From there, he will assess your health needs and perform distant healing using Pranic Healing Methods. After the healing portion of the call, you will be given a Verbal Report of Health and a Guide to Wellness.


Includes Consultation, Distant Healing, Verbal Health Report and Guide to Wellness

  • How To Book

    1. Email Dr. Hagan at HAGANNDC@GMAIL.COM to schedule.

    2. Click "Buy Now" button at bottom of this page.

    3. Send money in American Dollars to Paypal account: HAGANNDC@GMAIL.COM

    4. Calls will be made through Facebook Video or Audio Calls.


    (Payment must be made 30 minutes prior to healing session.)