Tonal Chiropractic Care 

In addition to pain and symptom relief, Dr. Hagan finds that most people under tonal chiropractic care experience an improvement in their overall quality of life!

When you attend your first visit you will receive:

1) a comprehensive consultation

2) A neurospinal examination

3) your first adjustment

4) a holistic health report  

My goal is to meet and exceed your needs in your health.

If you are ready to transform your life, call (573) 268-5101 today!


More on Tonal Chiropractic

Dr. Hagan specializes in the MC2 Chiropractic Technique and Tonal Pediatrics. 

This technique addresses spinal cord tension and pressure, indications of underlying neurological interference. The goal is to restore proper function and tone to the nervous system and spine. As a result, the physiology of the patient normalizes, producing a healthier body and life experience.

His style of chiropractic also combines:

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Methods,

Light Force Adjusting,

Spears Painless Technique,

Diversified Technique,

Logan Basic Technique, and

Instrument Assisted Adjusting. 

Using these techniques, it allows Dr. Hagan to safely and gently adjust people of all ages and concerns. Positive changes have been seen with newborns to elderly and from the wellness client with no symptoms to people with advanced conditions such as cancer.